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Competetive infrastructure for crypto traders - now in beta test

We know what professional traders need


Normalized Market Access
Stable Interfaces
Easy Maintenance
Easy Scaling

Market Overview


Low Latency Market Access

Real Time Market Data
Trading Access
Global dedicated Network
Colocated Services

Historical Market Data

Machine Learning
Statistical Analysis
Market Intelligence

Risk Management

Position Overview
Pre- & Post Trade Limits
Counterpart Risk Evaluation
Liquidity Monitoring

The Challenge

Multiple Connections

Traders must implement connections to every exchange API

Complex Scaling

Scaling over multiple exchanges is technically complex and slow

Low Latency Availability

Low Latency Market Access is expensive and rare

Market Data Supply

Exchanges offer Market data distribution at slow internet speed

Historical Market Data

High quality historical Market Data is not available

Missing Test Tools

Simulated exchange trading must be developed by customers

Incomplete Statistics

Market Statistics are unreliable and incomplete

Advanced Analytics

Intelligent proprietary statistics and indicators are not available


Market Statistics

Turnover, spreads, OTR, OHLC, maker & taker opportunities, latencies and much more

Historical Market Data

Trades, Aggregated orderbook (BBO, 1%, 10%,…), Full orderbook tick by tick, 
Condensed data

Simulated Exchange

Dedicated and shared instances, Test against live & historical market data, Control parameters like latency / throughput etc.


Low Latency Market Data

High quality & high availability, Ultra low latency, Globally distributed via dedicated lines and optimized routes

Contract Details

Standardized contract master data, Cross-exchange contract siblings, Explore contracts across exchanges


Trading Access

Dedicated gateway on your own server, Highly secure – No need to share credentials, Low latency routing through our dedicated lines


Low-Latency, JAVA based, ultra scalable algo SDK

Account Management

Trading Statistics, Position & Risk Overview, Position Transfer


Summer 2020

Beta release with pilot customer
5+ Exchanges

Winter 2020

Public Go-Live

Summer 2021

20+ Exchanges

Winter 2021

40+ Exchanges, fully featured

Who we are

Acting worldwide

Situated in Hamburg, Germany


Industry experts with decades of experience in low latency trading

HFT / Market Making

Successful multi asset High Frequency Trading and Market Making for over 15 years


Subsidiary of SSW Holding GmbH
Group Member SSW Trading is one of the biggest HFT/Market Making companies in Europe